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15th Century

15th Century

Here is a great example of a 15th century religious pendent that was discovery in a field, by a metal detectorist in the U.K   It sold at auction for appoxamently $2.6 million and has since change hands for the sum of $4.7 million. This just shows you the beauty of the discoveries that can be made… for the rest of the world to see…

For the full story visit…

Click on the famous discoveries tab.

To read the full story of this discovery please Visit: Turner’s Treasure Team…  and click on the ”Famous Discoveries” tab. 


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Wow, how exciting to see our blog up!   This is going to be a great adventure…

This is where we will be placing all the latest news of Turner’s Treasure Team.

When the team is sold and on the field full time, you can watch and see the discoveries that are being made by this elite team of treasure hunters.

We will also be posting discoveries made by others in countries that are full of history.

I hope you enjoy this blog… and for those of you who are in search of buried treasure, I hope these stories & pictures inspire you to dream big and discover what needs to be found!

For the ones that search… We Will Find!