Where The Past Becomes Your Present!


Search And We Will Find

Search And We Will Find

Turner’s Treasure Team is a company so unique and exciting it made it to the final round for inclusion in the prestigious Neiman Marcus Christmas Magazine (Fantasy Section) for 2008.

We wanted to create a company that would intrigue the right person with an opportunity unlike any other,  and I believe we did… This runner up will soon make history…

Be the first in the world to have a treasure hunting team that will search for lost and buried treasure, as they set out to discover ancient Celtic, Roman, Viking, hoards of gold & silver coins and artifacts…

Imagine your own team of elite treasure hunters walking the paths and roads where the Ancients once traveled…In search for buried treasure… Exclusively for you!

Never before in our day and age has there been an opportunity to have others hunt for priceless buried treasures on your behalf…

In the past, it was a privilege reserved for Kings and Queens…Now it can be yours!



~ by losttreasure on November 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Where The Past Becomes Your Present!”

  1. Rise in golden treasure found by UK amateurs

    Thursday, 18th January 2007

    There has been a spectacular increase in the amount of gold treasure found in the UK by amateurs wielding metal detectors, according to reports.

    By law, all gold, bronze and silver discoveries made by hobbyists have to reported to the authorities in the UK who have noted a 25 per cent rise in finds lately from 426 items in 2005 to 506 items in 2006.

    David Lammy, the minister of culture, says that metal detector enthusiast are “the unsung heroes of Britain’s heritage” and despite some archaeologists taking offence to what they see as looters, they often do play a big part in finding golden artefacts.

    Hobbyists tend to find smaller, but still important, items which help to define eras of history.

    Neil MacGregor, who directs the British Museum, told The Guardian: “We now have a situation without parallel in Europe.

    “Without doubt these finds are rewriting history.”

    Apparently the best places for keen historians to try to find real-life treasures are Kent where the Romans landed and a gold cup has been found, plus the Thames because the tide brings in forgotten coins.

  2. Turner’s Treasure Team… is looking for one experienced
    treasure hunter from the UK to fill the final spot on our team of four.

    Must have ten or more years of treasure hunting experience and no criminal record, and live in the UK.

    Must be prepared to work (search) long hours in all conditions.

    Send us your bio and tell us why you should make the team.

    If you would like to become the final member of Turner’s Treasure Team and make your living from doing what you love (searching for buried treasure) then send your emails to: info@discovery4u.com

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