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In 1989, with my metal detector in hand, I traveled to Great Britain to walk the fields where people had lived, fought and died, for thousands of years. 

As I searched for treasure, I thought about what their lives would have been like during those times. Imagine finding what they had lost, buried or hidden for safekeeping, knowing that one discovery could change my life! 

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Turner’s Treasure Team/Roman Villa Floor

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Come with me on this journey as I describe the
day I found the villa floor

This was one of my greatest finds to date! It all started when I received permission to search a certain field, at this point I had no idea what was in store for me.

It started with a good signal that ended up to be junk! For some reason something made me look closer into the hole I had dug! At the bottom there were some unusual rectangular stones so I decided to dig a little bit more…

To read the full story please visit… www.turnerstreasureteam.com … and go to the ”Meet The Team” Tab and click on Turner’s Treasure Team, Vice President, Paul Minton, Bio…

One Team… One Opportunity!

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 This is a blog about treasure hunting and about our gift idea for the person who has everything and is looking for something different and exciting to add to his or her portfolio.

Chris Turner here,  just wanted to let you all know that from time to time I will be adding pictures and talking about discoveries made by our team and others from around the world.

The fact that I am living in Vancouver at the present time and working non-stop at promoting our company, means I have little time to get out to Europe and search for buried treasure.

However my game plan is to find an investor for my company so my teammates and I can spend the rest of our lives doing what we love to do… Searching for hidden & buried treasure.

I will post stories and pictures from my good friend and Vice President Paul Minton who lives in the U.K and of others who have made discoveries while searching the fields for buried treasure.

Where The Past Becomes Your Present!

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Search And We Will Find

Search And We Will Find

Turner’s Treasure Team is a company so unique and exciting it made it to the final round for inclusion in the prestigious Neiman Marcus Christmas Magazine (Fantasy Section) for 2008.

We wanted to create a company that would intrigue the right person with an opportunity unlike any other,  and I believe we did… This runner up will soon make history…

Be the first in the world to have a treasure hunting team that will search for lost and buried treasure, as they set out to discover ancient Celtic, Roman, Viking, hoards of gold & silver coins and artifacts…

Imagine your own team of elite treasure hunters walking the paths and roads where the Ancients once traveled…In search for buried treasure… Exclusively for you!

Never before in our day and age has there been an opportunity to have others hunt for priceless buried treasures on your behalf…

In the past, it was a privilege reserved for Kings and Queens…Now it can be yours!


Lad digs up £160k in coins

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Lad digs up £160k in coins

Here’s a link to a story about…

Lucky Jason Clarke, 19, helped uncover 204 Angel and half-Angel coins while digging a drainage ditch.

The coins were in circulation in 1510 ? and experts at top auction house Sotheby’s say the collection is worth at least £160,000.

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Rare coin breaks auction record… £460,000 / $870,000 USD.

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Nice day out treasure hunting!

A metal detectorist in the UK found this amazing gold coin… Can’t wait to get out there with the team and search full time to find these golden beauties…

The Edward III double florin, known as a double leopard and with a face value of six shillings, was circulated from December 1343 until July 1344.

It is only the third known surviving coin, with two others found in the River Tyne in 1857.

Visit: www.turnerstreasureteam.com to view the full story. Click on the famous discoveries tab.

The Hoxne Hoard/$15 Million

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Roman Gold & Silver

Roman Gold & Silver


I love treasure hunting for this reason… You never know what you will find next…

The Hoxne Treasure is perhaps the richest cache of gold and silver coins, jewellery and tableware from the entire late Roman world.

Twenty-nine pieces of gold jewellery, 124 silver table utensils of various types and over 15,000 gold and silver coins were placed carefully into a wooden chest and buried at some point during the early 5th century AD.

To read more about this discovery visit… www.turnerstreasureteam.com

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Lucky Penny…$680,000

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A metal detectorist in the UK finds his Lucky Penny!

To read more about this discovery go to…  www.turnerstreasureteam.com

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The Snettisham Hoard

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Here is a beautiful hoard of gold torcs found by a metal detectorist in the UK… Iron Age c.75 BC

Just image digging the hole and seeing these beauties looking up at you




This hoard made up of 20 gold and silver torcs was found in Snettisham Norfork. They are made from twisted To read the full storystrands of solid gold and silver wire and had been deliberately buried in a pit after several years of heavy use.
To read the full story visit the link below…


Pictured: The £350,000 Iron Age neckband discovered by one man and his metal detector

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2000 year old golden neckband

2000 year old golden neckband

For 40 years, Maurice Richardson has been braving all weathers to scour the countryside with his trusty metal detector, dreaming of buried treasure.

But he almost ignored an unpromising-sounding beep as he searched for debris from a wartime air crash while being pelted with rain.

However the 59-year-old is glad his curiosity got the better of him after his persistence in digging through more than two feet of Nottinghamshire mud yielded a stunning 2,000-year-old gold treasure.

You have to love a country that is full of history and has so much  to discover, for the ones who live for the search!
To read the full story of this discovery please Visit: Turner’s Treasure Team Inc. www.turnerstreasureteam.com  and click on the ”Famous Discoveries” tab. 




The Middleham Jewel

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15th Century

15th Century

Here is a great example of a 15th century religious pendent that was discovery in a field, by a metal detectorist in the U.K   It sold at auction for appoxamently $2.6 million and has since change hands for the sum of $4.7 million. This just shows you the beauty of the discoveries that can be made… for the rest of the world to see…

For the full story visit… www.turnerstreasureteam.com

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To read the full story of this discovery please Visit: Turner’s Treasure Team… www.discovery4u.com  and click on the ”Famous Discoveries” tab.